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Introducing Frozen Foods Export Factory

Viet Hoa Quang Nam Jsc. at Tam Hiep Industrial Zone - Nui Thanh Town - Quang Nam Province - Viet Nam. Established under Certificate of Business registration No. 4000926775 by the Department of Planning and Investment Quang Nam on 04/04/2013.

Our Frozen Foods Export Factory is established under Certificate of Investment registration No. 33321000114 by the Chu Lai Open Insdustrial Zone in Quang Nam province on September 30, 2013.

About the facilities
Our Frozen Foods Export Factory is located in Tam Hiep Industrial Zone - Nui Thanh Town - Quang Nam Province with total area of 13.000m2. 4000m2 factory system uses ultra-durable of Zamil Steel frame for fresh production and food preservation based on hygienic lines and closed. With large storage systems, internal roads convenient for different types of transport vehicles and large containers to gather and delivery.

Factory main frame

Our main products:

  • Frozen Suckling Pig and frozen Seafood for customers from China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
  • In addition, to meet the demand for frozen seafood products company also provides for local market and export
  • Our company also provide complete service packages for customers such as frozen food supply, food cold storage werehouse leasing, processing of freezing food products, storage and factory space rental.

Introduction to industrial refrigeration systems
Cold storage refrigeration systems. This is the central air system using NH3 gas industry. The instrument cluster and cold air distribution system is designed and built by SEAREE, a reputable contractor in Vietnam. All equipment are dedicated systems imported from the EU and the U.S. to make the durability and performance. The equipment system include:

  • Complex systems Sabroe NH3 compressors ( Finland
  • Two freezing tunnel with capacity of 10 tons / batch / 12 hours / tunnel
  • Exposed forced Freezer 500kg/batch/ (2h).
  • Wind Freezer 250 kg / h
  • Cooling water processing 3 m3 / h
  • Air Conditioning System: 120 000 kcal / h
  • Cooling storage warehouse with capacity of 300 m3 (-25oC)
  • Cooling storage warehouse and dry cargo with capacity of 600m3 (-25oC)
  • Cooling storage before freezing : 100 m3 (0 ÷ 5 ° C)

NH3 Compressor system

YORK and Sabroe NH3 compressors

Cooling system

Exposed forced Freezer and Wind freezer cabinet

Cooling storage warehouse  80m2 and 40m2

Two freezing tunnel with capacity of 10 tons / batch / 12 hours / tunnel

With efficiency, Viet Hoa Quang Nam Joint Stock Company ready to cooperate with the suppliers, partners and provide products to the customers at local and abroad.

Contact Information
Frozen Foods Export Factory
•    Address: Tam Hiep Industrial Zone, Nui Thanh Town, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
•    Tel: +84235 3567286; H/p: +84989553286
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