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Frozen product processing services

With the large workshops and modern equipment, Viet Hoa Frozen Food Export Factory specializes in providing frozen processing services, specifically:

  • Processing frozen seafood products: freezing, packing, cold storage, preliminary processing and processing of aquatic products
  • Processing of frozen milk products: slaughtering, freezing, preserving, processing and packaging dairy products
  • Processing of frozen agricultural products such as frozen chilli, vegetables and fruits
  • Freezing warehouse service

Equipment capacity:

With a large storage system of frozen storage in Quang Nam area, our company meets all needs of frozen storage to ensure the temperature requirements of customers with reasonable prices.

The entire system of cold storage is assembled enough technical standards using modern technology to ensure the proper temperature and food safety. In addition, the industrial refrigeration system NH3 ensures fast and deep cooling.

NH3 compressor system

Freeze tunnel 20 tons/batch

Warehouse systems of the factory fully meet the needs of customer preservation for food items such as cattle, poultry processing, seafood processed over frozen grade in accordance with the IQF freezing process, or The items of fruits, fresh vegetables ... are preserved with cool temperatures to keep them fresh. With frozen storage it will help to preserve the goods for much longer time than the storage by small size refrigerators and preserved goods will be ensured for food hygiene and safety standards. .

The reasonable warehouse rental rates, convenient warehouse location (convenient for road, water, rail and air transport), package service when depositing in stock, you will be completely assured. Goods are deposited in cold storage of Viet Hoa Quang NamJoint Stock Company.

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Frozen Foods Export Factory
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